Buy Escape Room Games for Resorts

If you have unused space in your hotel or you want to add more activities for your guests, an escape room is a creative solution to both problems. We’ve completed installations for several resorts, so we know it’s a good idea—and here’s why!

Why to Buy Escape Rooms for Resorts and Hotels

There are many reasons why escape rooms are a smart addition to any hotel or resort. Here are some of our favorite benefits:

Increase Hotel Bookings

If you want to know how to attract hotel guests to your resort, unique entertainment is a good way to start. Many hotels offer dining options, fitness rooms, and business centers—an on-site escape room can instantly set you apart from other lodging options in the area.

Boost Hotel Revenue

This additional revenue stream can add value on its own, but there are many other opportunities to increase sales in other areas. With this fantastic amenity, you may be able to increase per-night room rates. You can also open your escape room up to non-resort visitors and offer game discounts to your guests at check-in. This provides a double incentive to stay at your resort and sign up for your escape room.

By giving guests another reason to hang out on the property, you can also boost hotel revenue in gift shops, restaurants, and other resort activities.

Create a Memorable Guest Experience

Escape rooms are a collaborative activity that families and couples love to do, but they can also bring solo travelers together for a unique socializing experience. Escape room participants often share their experience on social media, which promotes your resort to other potential visitors. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Buy an Escape Room Plan

Gamemasters Escapes offers the most versatile escape room installation options available. We work with wide-open spaces, existing rooms, or brand-new structures. Plus, we’ll coordinate with you to address any construction limitations you have. Best of all: we provide all the props, puzzles, décor, and electronic equipment.

Contact us now to buy an escape room for your resort!