Escape rooms are a rapidly expanding entertainment genre. Groups solve puzzles and codes by working together in an immersive themed room.

We deliver everything you need: theme, intro videos, custom props, décor, electronics and puzzles. We set up, train your staff and you’ll be up and running.

Your guests will love the game and your facility will be cutting edge with the latest offering in family entertainment.

Escape rooms = opportunity for your hotel or resort.

Transform your unused or little used meeting space into a dynamic profit centre.

Turn-key escape room solutions.

Powerful revenue stream for you.

We have developed our most ambitious game yet.

Powerful sustainability messaging wrapped in an entertaining adventure.

Poseidon has had enough with humans ruining his oceans and is staging an INTERVENTION.

Throughout the game, guests will explore puzzles relating to Atlantis, sea creatures and sustainability.

Guests will enjoy a fun, entertainment adventure while you promote an ocean sustainability message.