Install Escape Rooms on Cruise Ships

Escape rooms are popular everywhere, so it’s no surprise that cruise ship installations are on the horizon. This guest experience offers something different to veteran cruisers and newcomers alike, and it’s sure to be an attractive feature for your cruise ship. Check out all the incredible benefits of adding a Gamemasters escape room to your vessels.

The Benefits of Installing Escape Rooms on Cruise Ships

When vacationers are shopping around for the best cruise, an on-board escape room can instantly set your cruise line apart from the others. At Gamemasters Escapes, we offer a truly immersive experience. Our escape room sets embody the game’s theme from wall to wall, including exciting props and décor. For those looking to get away, our rooms are the ultimate escape from life’s stressors. This collaborative experience is the perfect tie-in for cruise ships, and it’ll help your guests create fun memories to last forever.

Our Modular Escape Room Kits for Sale

If you’re concerned about construction, put those worries aside! The best part of our escape room plans is the adaptability. We have a modular setup that provides a “plug-and-play” option, so we can build everything for you and install it in an expedited time frame. With this method, walls are semi-permanent, so there’s no major construction involved.

With these modular escape rooms, we include all the props, technology, and décor. This turnkey solution makes it simple, and we tackle every installation aspect for you. Once you’re set up, we won’t let you flounder, either. We provide all the necessary training so your gamemasters are fully prepared to guide escape room participants.

Contact Gamemasters Escapes

We’re passionate gamemasters ourselves, so we’re always happy to answer any questions you have. We have the tools, knowledge, and experience to successfully install an escape room on your cruise ship. Contact us to discuss this unique guest experience and learn more about our installation options.