You’ve been looking for a business that is the right “fit” for you.  You bring enthusiasm, and hopefully a love of escape games.  You accept that there is risk with any venture, but you want to minimize that risk as much as possible.  Maybe you have some construction capability or you “know a guy”.  And you don’t have access to a lot of start up capital. You are willing to work hard to make your dream of business ownership a reality.

Enter Marco Polo Escapes.

We are in process of developing a joint venture network under this new brand umbrella.   Our rooms are immersive and adventure-oriented.  We love the image that the name Marco Polo inspires.  Exotic, fascinating, colorful, alluring, untamed.

Introducing our exciting new escape room brand.


For a modest start up fee, you’ll have access to the Gamemaster catalogue of proven five star rated escape rooms.  We’ll partner with you and provide all the detail and know-how you need to get rolling.  We’ll help you choose a location and make decisions about how many rooms to open with and we’ll provide detailed procurement lists for furniture, props and electronics.  We’ll supply the puzzles and the videos, training and ongoing technical and moral support.  You’ll have a website, signage, graphics and access to marketing and advertising promos and guidance.

We’ll include our Corporate Team-Building program, designed by a Clinical Psychologist to boost your corporate and group sales.

Annual licensing/partnership fees will decrease over time.

This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this exceptional new escape room brand that we intend to make synonymous with high quality, trusted entertainment for consumers of all ages.