If you find the perfect property to lease and you have wide open space, modular may be the best choice for you.  Our crew will arrive with a truck full of stuff!  We supply everything you need.  Walls, flooring, lighting, furniture, custom props, puzzles, electronics.  We set up your games and train you til you can feel confident you are ready to rock your new business.  The advantage with modular is that generally the process can be quick.  We can have you up and running in 6 to 8 weeks.  Often permits and processes are quicker as the modular walls are considered “semi-permanent.”

We want to be                    to help

you open your escape room business.

For this reason, we have

for your consideration.





You’ve found your location. (Perhaps with our help or you own or manage a resort with under used space.)  You’ve placed your order.  And six or so weeks later, the exciting new escape rooms arrive along with our friendly crew. In two or three days your rooms are operational and you are fully trained, ready to receive customers.  Enjoy the congratulations of friends and family and open your doors to provide your community or your guests with this five-star rated entertainment activity.


modular system offers

Our experienced team

will install your room(s).

They can be fully operational

6 - 8 weeks after order.

exceptional flexibility.

Advantage:  Modular

Flexibility.  Modular rooms are non-permanent. While they are robust and stand up to vigorous guest play, they can       be relocated or changed if and when needed.

It is often easier to get permit approval for modular rooms – no ceilings – less ventilation and HVAC work needed.  Usually less electrical.  Proven durable, quality construction and ease of installation.



A few Gamemasters customers have found existing space that we were able to adapt to suit our escape rooms.  We can look at your existing floor plan and help you choose rooms that will best fit in.




Maybe you are really handy with framing and drywall or have a friend or a trustworthy contractor.  No problem.

Gamemasters will help with floor planning and development and then we can install our rooms on your site.  Again, we will deliver everything to your door and get you set up – everything similar to the modular system, without the walls.


Gamemasters currently has 13 exciting game themes to choose from with a few more on the drawing board.  We offer multi-room discounts and we will work hard to provide a solution to fit your budget. We can help you with business plans if you require financing, and can develop projections that clearly demonstrate our proven concept.

All Gamemasters games have “secret” rooms and/or passages, surprises and AHA moments!  Our games enjoy 5 star reviews from New Brunswick to Florida, Colorado to Virginia.

We would love to chat with you about how Gamemasters can help UNLOCK THE POSSIBILITIES for your escape room business.


  • Control room desk and chair
  • Training manuals and instructional videos


  • Walls created in sturdy, modular fire rated construction


  • Professionally developed intro and theme video
  • Lighting, furniture, props, puzzles
  • Electronic puzzles
  • Computer system including laptop, cameras, audio system including microphones, video monitor(s)      and specially designed interface