in Winnipeg, Canada in January, 2015        with two escape rooms. We now have

3 LOCATIONS in our city with a
12                       FIVE STAR

rated escape rooms. Our phenomenal growth in this emerging industry gives us the experience to help YOU BE SUCCESSFUL!

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Our History

Gamemasters Escape Solutions was developed by Laura and Allan Hawkins and our daughter Shea Kosokowsky.

We were inspired to develop our own escape room business after playing several games in Athens, Paris and Dublin.  In just a few short months, along with family members Shaun and Kaleigh Gray, we opened ENIGMA ESCAPES in Winnipeg, Canada with two escape rooms in January, 2015.

Enigma Escapes prospered and grew. Based on demand we quickly added two larger capacity rooms. We still couldn’t keep up with consumer enthusiasm, despite 7 other escape room companies opening in our city of less than a million people.

We now operate in three different locations in the city.

As game developers we keep up with trends and new technologies by regularly attending escape room conferences and playing games (we love playing escape rooms) around the world.

Gamemasters Escape Rooms

Overwhelmed by the response to our unique rooms and business, we created Gamemasters Turn Key Modular Escape Rooms to enable like-minded entrepreneurs to capitalize on this unique business opportunity.

Through Gamemasters and other joint ventures,   we are proud that our rooms are operating in twenty-six cities across North America.

What’s thrilling about this entertainment genre is that we are still in our infancy.  Escape rooms have been a powerful form of entertainment in Asia and Europe for nearly ten years, but it is just getting a foothold on this side of the ocean.  There is no more fun or rewarding way to take charge of your own financial future than by getting in on what is really the ground floor of the phenomenon.

New Orleans

Escape Room Tour

St. Louis

Escape Room Conference

Experience and Support.

Together we have worked through the trials and errors of owning an escape rooms business and we bring a solid business plan and exceptional escape rooms to you.  We can help you choose your location, develop a workable and sensible floor plan that allows for good traffic flow and eases congestion. (Can we be honest and say our own lobby is too small?)  Who knew it would get so crazy busy? We didn’t when we first started.

We’ll guide you through the permit process…trust us …..that part can be difficult and annoying.  And we’ll provide you with business plan support as you work through your financing and deliver wildly popular, challenging escape rooms – everything from soup to nuts.

We can’t wait to speak to you more about how owning your own escape room business can change your life.  It has certainly changed ours.